Maritime Topics on Stamps

June / July 2008 stamps

France, a souvenir sheet with six stamps, "Bateaux Celebres", famous ships.

From left top: "Confiance", "Grande Hermine", "Boudeuse", "Astrolabe", "Hermione", "Boussole".


Norway, a set with four stamps "History of Communication".
Among them two ships, the steamer "Børøysund" and the steamer "Oster".

Pitcairns Islands, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, "Pitcairns Longboat History".
From left: "From 1880, Timber framed longboats", then "1983, last wooden longboat launched", next "1990, To Henderson with full sail", then "1995, Diesel powered aluminium" and last "Oeno sunsets brought within reach".

India, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Indian Coast Guard".
The stamps show a fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, hovercraft and ship. The ship is the Samar class 43 SANGRAM.

Marshall Islands, a souvenir sheet with 12 stamps "History's Great Sailing Ships".

From left top are depicted:
HMS "Victory", La "Grande Hermine", USS "Constitution", "Fram",

"Tovarisch I", "Ark" and "Dove", "Rainbow", "Great Republic",

HMS "Resolution", La "Dauphine", "Kruzenshtern", "Golden Hind".


LE 300
LE 300
Sierra Leone, two se-tenants with six ship stamps each. This two sheets we have had in the past with the value "LE 300". Now these values are markwed with a black bar and the values are now Le2800 and Le4000.

Sao Tome & Principe, two souvenir sheets with six stamps and with one stamp "OS Submarinos".

Left top "Type XXI U-Boat Germany", then "K-21 Soviet Union", "U-Boat 530 and one Boat 1-52 Japan"
In the second row "S-Class submarine Royal Navy", "USS Tang, SS 306 USA" and "Delta 17 Soviet Union".
On the left sheet "U-Boat Type XXI Germany".

Sao Tome & Principe, two souvenir sheets and a se-tenant with six stamps "Transportes Especiais".

Among the stamps a save and rescue boat. In the foreground a fireboat.


Portugal Madeira, a set with four stamps about town and port of Funchal.
The stamp with the coat of arms is not depicted here.

La Rochelle
France, a single stamp with the port of La Rochelle.

Russia, a small sheet "225 anniversary of the "Black Sea Fleet".
We see a memorial monument situated in the Sebastopol Bay and devoted to perished war/civil ships, the figure on top is an eagle.

Åland, a se-tenant with four stamps lighthouses.

We see Marhällan, Gustaf Dalén, Bogskär and Kökarsören.

France, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps "Portraits de Regions".
Among them this stamp "La cote de granit rose" with a lighthouse.

The tower on "cote de granit rose" (Pink granite coast) is located in Ploumanach, town of Perros-Guirec, on the north coast of Britanny.
(Source: Jean-Louis Araignon)

Netherlands, a personalised stamp with a poster of the Holland-America Line in the background.
She could be the "Rotterdam" or one of the both sisters "Volendam / Veensdam".
(Source: Peter Crichton)

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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