Maritime Topics on Stamps

August 2008 stamps

Germany, two new stamps of the lighthouse series.

The towers of Warnemünde and Amrum are depicted.


Gorch Fock
Germany, a single stamp,

"50 years sail training vessel Gorch Fock".

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a set with four stamps "Fishery".

Left top a "Longliner", beside it a "Trawler".
Left below a "Krill Trawler transhipping to a Reefer", right "Fishery Patrol Vessel Pharos SG".


France - Canada, a joint issue, "Foundation of Quebec" 1608 by Samuel Champlain.

Lundy / UK, a set with six stamps, "MS Oldenburg 50 Years".
1958 the ferry "Oldenburg" was build at the Roland dockyard at Bremen.
She was on duty for the German Federal Railway, then in sightseeing tours and was sold to Lundy in 1985.

Germany, a single stamp of the private mail company Ridas.

We see the cog "Roland von Bremen".

Germany, a souvenir sheet with nine stamps of the private mail company Ridas; "Hanse Sail 2008".

In the upper row we see the "Linden", "Helena" and "Regina Maris".

In the second row the "Kruzenshtern", "Thalassa" and "Fridtjof Jansen".

In the lower row the "Stortemlk", "Hendrika Bartelds" and "Greif".

Hanse Sail

Americas Cup
Antigua & Barbuda,

a se-tenant of four stamps "Americas Cup, Valencia Spain".

Micronesia, a se-tenant of four stamps "Americas Cup".

The spinnakers of the cuppers are depicted.


7 wonders
Gambia, a souvenir sheet with eight stamps "7 Wonders of the Ancient World".

Among them the two lighthouses "Colossus of Rhodes" and "Lighthouse of Alexandria".

Portugal, two souvenir sheets with one stamp "Funchal 500 years".

Albania (Shqiperia), a se-tenant of eight stamps "New Vision of Infrastructure".

Among them this stamp with the port of Durresit.


3 Queens
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a souvenir sheet with three stamps, "historic meeting of the three Queens".
A similar sheet was issued of the Isle of Man, to be seen on our internet page
We see "Queen Victoria", "QE 2" and "QM 2".

Ireland, a single stamp, "Sinking of the RMS Leinster 1918".
The mail ship was hit by a torpedo of the German submarine U-123,
501 persons died!

Romania, a se-tenant of two stamps "1963 - 2008, 45 years diplomacy Kuwait - Romania".

We see the maritime stamp with a model of a Kuwaiti local craft.


Tristan da Cunha, a set with six stamps, "60 Years of Tristan Fisheries".
Topics are fishing boats, work in the fishing industry and the export.

USA, a set with ? stamps, flags of the states with some typical characteristics.
Among them these two stamps: Connecticut with sailing boats and a buoy; Alabama with a trawler.

Wallis & Futuna, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "2008 Annee Internationale De La Planete Terre".

Besides the sea residents we see a Pacific local craft.


Senegal, a set of four stamps "Goree Diaspora Festival".
Among them this stamp with a barque.

Russia, a set with five stamps "Region 2008".

There is one stamp with a vessel.


Marshall Islands, a se-tenant of six stamps "Lighthouses".

Depicted from left top "St. Augustine Lighthouse", "Old Cape Henry Lighthouse" and "Cape Lookout Lighthouse".
In the second row from left "Tybee Island Lighthouse", "Morris Island Lighthouse" and "Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse".

Portugal, a set with 12 stamps, "Lighthouses".
From left top we see the towers of Eposende, Montedor, Leca, Penedo da Saudade, Cabo Sardao, Cabo de Sao Vincente, Bugio, Santa Marta, Cabo Espichel, Cabo da Roca, Arnel and Ponta do Pargo.

Latvia, a single stamp with the lighthouse Akmenraga Baka.

Iceland, a single stamp "Hafnafjördur 100 ara".

France, for the windjammer parade Brest 2008 the French Post had issued five postal stationeries.
Following ships are depicted: La Recouvrance", "Lougre", "Le Mutin", "Belle Poule" and the junk "Jonque".
On this picture the lighthouse stamp was enlarged.

tug boat
USA, a single stamp "Minnesota 150 years".

We see a tug boat and tow on the Mississippi River.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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