Maritime Topics on Stamps,
February stamps 2007

Terres Australes et Antartiques Francaises, a single stamp with the French frigate "Tonkinois".

Montenegro, a single stamp, "200 anniversary Ivo Visin, 1806 - 1868". Visin was the commander of the barque "Splendido". From 1852 to 1859 he sailed with her around the world.
Ivo Visin

Israel, a set with four stamps, "Crusaders Sites in Israel". Here the stamp with two ships of the crusaders.

Peru, a single stamp, 500th anniversary death of Columbus.

South Georgia
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a set with four stamps "Communications". Left a radio/wireless room, in the middle MV "Sigma" and right SS "Fleurus". On the fourth stamp a 'Hercules' airplane is depicted.

Norway, six stamps "Tourism". These stamps were issued in 2006 and on one of them we see the old paddle-steamer "Skibladner".

merchant vessels
Marshall Islands, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps, "Maritime and Corporate Registry".
We see from left top container vessel "Cape Norviega", tanker "Front Century", chemical/oil-tanker "Ashley", tanker "TI Africa", drillship "Discoverer Enterprise", tanker "Genmar Spyridon", multi purpose carrier "Rickmers New Orleans", gas-tanker "LNG Aquarius", bulkcarrier "Centurion" and bulkcarrier "Barkald" with a self-discharging system.

ship stamps

ship stamps
Guinee Bissau, two souvenir sheets with total five stamps, "Os Grandes Navios", famous ships.
Depicted are from the left sheet from left top a Dutch East-Indian man, the "Mayflower", a pinace and a barquentine. On the right sheet we see a clipper.

ship stamps
ship stamps
Guinee Bissau, two souvenir sheets with total five stamps, "Os Barcos a Vapor", that are the steam ships.
On the left sheet we see the "Savannah". On the right sheet from left top the "Britannia", the "Charlotte Dundas", the "Persia" and the "Great Western".

ship stamps
ship stamps
Guinee Bissau, two souvenir sheets with total five stamps, "Os Hydrofoils".
Left sheet from left top the catamaran "Seacat", the Hovercrafts "SR.N4" and "SR.N1" and a Boeing jetfoil. On the right sheet we see the "Flying Dolphin".

Guinee Bissau, a se-tenant of four stamps, "Pioneiros dos Transportes", engineers of transportation. Among them this stamp with John Philip Holland and his submarine "Holland No. 6".

Latvia, a single stamp with the lighthouse Mersraga Baka. You find the tower north-west of the city of Riga.

Poland, three postcards with stamp designers. Among them this card with Stefan Malecki, who designed beautiful ship stamps.

Australia, a stationery "Lighthouses of the 20th Century".

Germany, a set with five stamps of the Kiel company Nordbrief.
Fromleft top we see the fjord ferry "Schilksee", the paddle steamer "Freya", the museum ship "Stadt Kiel", the cruise liner MV "Deutschland" and the bow of the ferry "Color Fantasy" with the lighthouse Friedrichsort.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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