Maritime Topics on Stamps

March stamps 2007

Estonia, a single stamp with the City of Saaremaa's crest, showing a Viking boat.

Argentina, a single stamp of the frigate "Hercules", 1857 - 2007, 150th anniversary of the death of Admiral Guillermo Brown. The ship was the most powerful vessel in Admiral Browns fleet. 1814 in the battle off the island Martin Garcia the "Hercules" withstand Spanish attacks.

Korea, a single stamp with
LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) tankers.
LNG tanker

Penny Fair
Saint Pierre & Miquelon, a single stamp. We see the trawler "Penny Fair"; on 12th September 1988 she ran aground off the island Grande Miquelon. It was a total loss.

Faeroe, a set with two stamps "old lithographies 1839". On this stamp we see a painting of the French corvette ”La Recherche".
See details in the internet www.
sailing vessel

seal catching
Faeroe, a souvenir sheet with ten stamps "the legend of the seal woman". Here the only one with a boat, the men are catching seals.
See details in the internet www.

Uruguay, a se-tenant of four stamps with cruise liners.
Left top the "Queen Mary 2", beside the "Costa Fortuna".
Below from left the "Star Princess", right the "Zuiderdam". There are mistakes on both stamps with exchanged names, thereto wrong "Zuiderman" instead of "Zuiderdam".

Polynesie Francaise, a set with four stamps "Artistes Peintres", painters. Among them this stamp with a coaster and a rowing boat.

high speed boats
Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Les vedettes rapides", high-speed crafts. From top left the crew boat "Anahitra", beside the ferry "Maria Galanta". Below the two cats "Saint Eugene V" and "Atlantic Jet", both passenger vessels.

Mexiko, a single stamp "50th anniversary of the Navy Base".

Antigua & Barbuda, a set with four stamps and a small sheet "500th anniversary of the death of Columbus".

As there is no official picture of Columbus the painters of the gone centuries were free in form his face.

St. Kitts, a sheet "500th anniversary of the death of Columbus".
We see Columbus and his "Santa Maria".
Dominica, a sheet "500th anniversary of the death of Columbus".
Columbus and his "Santa Maria" are depicted.

polar year
polar year
Norway, a souvenir sheet with two stamps "International Polar Year, Research in the Arctic". Right the stamp enlarged, we see a RADAR screen and a research vessel.

polar year
Russia, a souvenir sheet with three stamps "International Polar Year".

Marshall Islands, a se-tenant of 16 former US stamps, "stamp on stamp". Among them the "Golden Gate" at San Francisco. On these stamps we see now "Marshall Islands Postage" instead of "United States Postage".
Golden Horn

Algeria, a set with three stamps, lighthouses.
From left are depicted L'Ilot D'Arzew, Cap Sigli and Ras-Afia.

Guinee-Bissau, two souvenir sheets about sea lions and seals.
Among them some lighthouses are depicted.

Austria, a personalised stamp "100 years German submarines".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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