paper ships on an imaginary sea

American Topical Association

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Ships on Stamp Unit

Dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage.

Collecting ships on stamps is an enjoyable way to vicariously travel the Seven Seas or the smallest lake without investing in the cost of a boat. The Ships on Stamps Unit of the American Topical Association would like to show you the many ways that you too can enjoy this most enjoyable of hobbies. This page will tell you something about ourselves and how to begin sailing the seas in command of your own fleet. Welcome aboard!


10 June 2020 over 80 new issue stamps shown for May/June

21 May 20 Mar/Apr 2020 issue of WP mailed

28 Apr 20 - Added a page of ship stamps from Norway to the Gallery

26 Mar 20 - Mar/Apr 2020 New issues

1 Mar 20 - started on new website design

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19 Dec 2019 - added Nov/Dec New issues