Maritime Topics on Stamps

August Stamps 2018


France, one stamp, 90 years Academy Philately.

Belarus, a set with four stamps, Admirals of the Navy born in Belarus.
Pictured are Vice Admiral G.N. Holostiakov, Vice Admiral Ye. A. Tomko, Vice Admiral V.P.Drozd and Raer Admiral V.N. Dronov.

Malta, a set with three stamps, Maritime Malta Series VI, Vessel of the Order.
Left top the galley Sensile (?), beside a half-galley (? model of a half ship?) of 1742 and left it should be a brigantine.
However a brigantine has no lateen sails.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a single stamp, Classic Sailing Ships, Le Bel Espoir

Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a souvenir sheet and one stamp, 20th Anniversary of the trawler Le Fulmar.

Pitcairn Islands, a setenant of two stamps, in the middle the constitution of Pitcairn of 1838.
Left the Captain Russell Eliott with the HMS Fly is depicted, right the leader of the islands, George Hunn Nobbs.

Uruguay, a souvenir sheet with nine stamps, "Velas Punta Del Este 2018", a race of large sailing ships.
Below the stamps are enlarged for better viewing.
Depicted are from left the Gloria, Cisne Branco, Cuahtemac, Dr. Bernardo Houssay, Simon Bolivar, and Escuela Esmeralda.
Right Juan Sebastian Elcano, Libertad and Capitan Miranda.

Great Britain, a set of six stamps and different covers: 250 years of Captain Cooks first voyage.
Depicted is Captain Cook with his Endeavour and more details of this voyage.
Issue date 16.8.2018.
Great Britain, a souvenir sheet with four stamps and a cover: 250 years of Captain Cooks first voyage.
Depicted are details of this voyage.
Information from Ian Billings to the Great Britain Cook issue:
1st class Captain James Cook by Nathaniel Dance, Triumph of the Navigators by Robin Brooks (

Miniature sheet: 1st class Boathouse and canoes on Raiatea, Society Islands;
£1.45 An arched rock with a Maori clifftop fort in New Zealand with Endeavour in the background;
£1.45 Repairing The Endeavour on the Endeavour River, Australia.
The FDC shown is not the official Royal Mail fdc, but a commercial production which shows a later Endeavour - an engraving by the (probably Austrian) engraver LÖWY, not Lowry as described on the retail website, and the artist is Percy F S Spence.

Bulgaria, a coloured sheet with one stamp, Transportation.
You can also discover some ships.

Spain, a single stamp, 150th anniversary of the visit of the American Admiral David G. Farragut in Spain.

Gibraltar, a single stamp with the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.
First day in comission was 2017.

New Caledonia, a single stamp with the paquebot Le Dupleix I, 1886 - 1888.
N. Caledonia

Jersey, a set with six stamps, 50 years Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA).
Among them this stamp with a dugout.

France, a single stamp with the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h, a monument in Perros-Guirec, France.

Taiwan, a set of four stamps, lighthouses.
Which towers are concerned can be deciphered by Chinese characters.

Netherlands, a single stamp with the lighthouse Burgh-Haamstede / West Schouwen.

Maledives, two sheets together with five stamps, lighthouses.
Depicted are Cleveland Harbor, USA / Saint Theodoro, Greece / La Vieille, France / Toledo Harbor, USA / Anniva, Russia / Fastnet, Ireland / Pelee Passage, Canada.


Other issued stamps, for the collector unreasonable, expensive "quick and dirty" stamps of Guinea Bissau, Maledives, Mocambique and Sierra Leone are not pictured here.

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