Maritime Topics on Stamps

November / December Stamps 2016


New Zealand

New Zealand, a souvenir sheet with six stamps, "75th Anniversary of the Navy".
Left: In the sinking of the HMS Neptune 757 sailors lost their lives, among them the twins Anderson.
Right: The HMNZS Pukaki was involved with 5 other frigates in the Korean War.

New Zealand

Left: Women at sea, here in navigation.
Right: 1960 United Nations support, HMNZS Te Mana.
New Zealand

Left: Help the Navy 1911 during the earthquake in Christchurch. Right: the "Navy Family"!

Jersey, a set with 8 stamps, "Winter Season".
At storm before Corbiere, Corbiere Lighthouse, Snow on Mont Orgueil Castle and Noirmont Point Lighthouse.

Australia, a single stamp and a sheet of 10 of these stamps, "400 Years Dirk Hartogs Landing". In 1616 the Dutchman Hartog with his ship Eendracht involuntarily reached Australia, he wanted to go to Java.

Alderney, a sheet with six stamps, "950 Years Battle of Hastings".
In 1066 the battle between William, the conqueror and the English king Harold took place.

Israel, a sheet with one stamp,
"King Solomon's Ships".
A scene of the sea trade at the time of King Solomon (ca. 10th century BC) is depicted.

Portugal, a set with five stamps, "Continente Sul", Southern continent.
Among them these two stamps the Almada monument and the sailing training ship Sagres.

Portugal, to the set "Continente Sul" also belong these stamps with the old lighthouse Belem and the bridge to the 25th April in Lisbon.

Russia, a set with 4 stamps, "Russian Military Equipment of World War I".
Among them this stamp with the battleship Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya.

Macau, a sheet with one stamp, paintings by Macau artists.
A representation of a junk.

Ukraine, a single stamp with the frigate Hetman Sagajdachnij.

Spain, a single stamp, 300th anniversary Admiral Antonio de Ulloa.

Togo, a sheet with four stamps, submarines.
Depicted are USS Seawolf, Alvin (DSV 2), HMS Astute (S119) and a submarine of the Japanese Soryu class.

Togo, a sheet with one stamp, submarines. Pictured are Jacques Piccard with his boat FA. Forel.
In addition beside the stamp a boat of the German submarine type XXI.

Togo, a sheet with four stamps, Special Transports.
Among them a stamp with a fire-extinguishing boat and on the right a sea-rescue cruiser.

Maldives, a sheet with four stamps, 510 years death of Christopher Columbus.
Shown are, inter alia, also his ships Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta.

Maldives, a sheet with one stamp, 510 years death of Christopher Columbus
Shown as above are his ships of the first voyage, Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta.

Maldives, a four stamp sheet, rescue vehicles. Among them a Tamar-Class Lifeboat.

The other stamps are just so awful!

Marshall Islands, a se-tenant of 20 stamps, Honoring the Art of Howard Koslow (1924 - 2016).
The Morris Island Lighthouse, Mac Arthur with a speedboat at the island of Corregidor and the aviator James "Jimmy" Doolittle with an aircraft carrier.

Niger, two sheets with a total of five stamps, large sailing ships
Pictured on the left are Cisne Branco, Jacob Meindert, Jolie Brise, Empire Sandy and right the Christian Radich.

Solomon Islands, two sheets with together five stamps, 75th anniversary Attack on Pearl Harbor
On the left are the USS California and the USS Oklahoma with Admiral Yamamoto. Right, the American commander Mac Arthur.

Sierra Leone, a stamp "The Maas at Dordrecht ca. 1650" by the Dutch painter Aelbert Cuyp (1620 - 1691). Depicted is a ferry at that time.

Estonia, one single stamp with the lighthouse Virtsu Tuletorn.

Estonia, here above stamp with the corresponding cancellation.

Latvia, one stamp with the lighthouse Ovisu Baka.

Poland, a sheet with five stamps, lighthouses.

Shown are Rozewie II, Kikut, Swinoujscie, Jastarnia and Gdansk Port Polnocny.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon, one stamp with the lighthouse Point Plate.

Sao Tome
Sao Tome & Principe, a sheet with four stamps, shells and lighthouses.
Shown are Peggy's Point, Kereon, Eclaireurs and Fanad Head.

Sao Tome & Principe, a sheet with one stamp, shells and lighthouses. Pictured are Tillamook Rock and left Portland Head.
Sao Tome


Germany, 2 individual stamps with the Tender Main and the paddle steamer Weser.


Germany, 2 individual stamps with the general cargo freighter Walvis Bay and Natal.

Germany, one individual stamp with the old Kiel ferry boat Secundus.

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