Maritime Topics on Stamps

December / January Stamps 2015/16

Sri Lanka

Aruba, a se-tenant of six stamps. Among them this cruise liner. She is presumably the "Carnival Breeze".

Japan, a stamp sheet with ten stamps, Japanese night views, see right.
Left from the sheet enlarged the ro-ro passenger ferry "Mashu Maru", today a memorial ship in Hakodate / Japan.

Tristan da Cunha, a set with 12 beautiful stamps, "Early Mail Ships".

The names of the ships are readable on the stamps.

Cayman Islands, a stamp with Miss Annie Huldah Bodden Obe (1908 -1989); she was a politician and judge.
Right the ship "Cimboco", which was built by her family.

Russia, a sheet with one stamp, coat of arms of the Kostroma region with a galley.
In the sheet right a cog (?).

Armenia, a singele stamp, centenary of Mount Musa resistance to genocide of the Armenians.
British and French ships brought 4,200 Armenians to Port Said in safety.

Ross D.
Ross Dependency, a set with six stamps, "Imperial Transatlantic Expedition".
The Endurance-Expedition, official Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, took time from 1914 to 1917.
Ross D.
Ross D.
The expedition led by Ernest Shackleton had the goal to traverse first the Antarctic continent.

France, a souvenir sheet with six stamps, the "Sixties".
Among them this stamp with the passenger vessel "France".

Bailiwick / Guernsey, a se-tenant of six stamps, "Stories from the Great War".
Among them this stamp with the steamer SS "Vera".

Marshall Islands, a se-tenant and a sheet, "Legends of Discovery".
Best of Marshall Islands stamps. Depicted are a canoe with a native, the "Santa Maria" with Columbus and an astronaut with the vessel / constellation "Argo".

Netherlands, 3 sheets with each five stamps, "Mooi Nederland" beautiful Netherlands.
On each sheet maritime motifs.
This sheets will issue 1st February 2016.

Sierra Leone, a sheet with four stamps, "Military Transport".
Among them this stamp with the USS "Independence, (LCS 2)".
S. Leone

Togo, a sheet with four stamps, great sailing ships.
Depicted are "Dar Mlodziezy", "Alexander von Humboldt", "Mircea" and "Georg Stage".

Togo, a sheet with one stamp, great sailing ships.
Depicted are "Khersones" and "Grace".

Central A.
Central A.
Central-Africa, two sheets about submarines.
Depicted are left: "Ictineo II", "Surcouf", " USS Scorpion", "U-36" and HMS "Shark".
On the right sheet on the stamp aft the "Nautilus" of R. Fulton, in front the "Turtle", right aft beside the stamp the "Daphne", right in front the "Nautilus" of captain Nemo (Jules Verne).

Ascension, a set with four stamps, honouring William Dampier (1651 - 1715). He died 300 years ago in England.
He was privateer, explorer and geographer. Left his ship "Roebuck", right the ship sinks and far right the ship's bell.

Tristan da Cunha, a set with four stamps, "Lifeboat Disaster".
The bark "West Riding" (stamp left) on the trip from Bristol to Sydney. At Tristan the captain wanted to take fresh water on board. A lifeboat went out to the bark and disappeared in the rough sea.

Israel, a single stamp, Nili centenary.
It was an underground organization against the Ottoman Empire.
Depicting is the British warship "Menagem".

Alderney, a sheet with a single stamp, 70th anniversary of the return from the 2nd World War.
The ship's name is "Auto Carrier".

Portugal, a set with four stamps, Portugals oceans.
The stamps shows tourism, fishery, transport and energy.

Croatia, one stamp, Euromed Postal, boats of the Mediterraneam.

Poland, a single stamp, sailing, class Optimist.

TAAF, a single stamp, 20 years "Marion Dufresne".

Portugal, a sheet with one stamp, 600 years Ceuta.

Guinea, a sheet about submarines in WW 2.
The stamp designers say on the top left is the type of a German submarine. In addition, a Soviet M-173, the lower left corner of France "Surcouf", next to the German XXVIIB seal boat.
Guinea, a sheet about submarines in WW 2.
On the stamp the Japanese class I-400.

Indonesia, this stamp is from a se-tenant defense industry.
Depicted is the KRI "Banda Aceh". KRI means Kapal (Perang) di Republica Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia Ship. This ship is a LPD - Landing Platform Dock ship.

India, a set with three stamps, 50 years, war 1965 India against Pakistan. Among them this stamps with the INS "Mysore".
INS - Indian Naval Ship.

Central Africa, two sheets with four stamps, centenary of the battle at the Dogger Bank.
Left the heroes are depicted with their ships, David Richard Beatty, Friedrich von Ingenohl and Franz Ritter von Hipper.
Right Lionel Halsey with a chart of the Doggerbank.

I reluctance to show these "make money" stamps. But there are also many thematic collectors, who want decide for themselves collecting Marine WW1.

Sierra Leone, a sheet with four stamps, "Tall Ships".
Depicted are the "Amphiptrite", Terra Nova Ship, Niagara Brig and the bark "Pamir".
Sierra Leone, a sheet "Tall Ships".
Depicted are the "Glenlee" and "Star of India".
S. Leone

Sao Tome
Sao Tome
Sao Tome & Principe, tow sheets with stamps about lighthouses.

Estonia, a new stamp in the lighthouse serie.
Depicted is the tower of Tahkuna Tuletorn.

Jersey, a se-tenant of eight stamps, autumn landscapes.
Here these evocative stamp with the lighthouse Corbiere.

Austria, many individuals stamps are issued about the 175th anniversary shipping on the Traunsee (Traunseeschiffahrt).
Here three examples.

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