Maritime Topics on Stamps
January stamps 2012

Brazil, a souvenir sheet with 12 stamps "Maravilhas do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro", wonderland Brazil.
Among them these two stamps with a local craft and a lighthouse.

Bulgaria, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Nansen".
On the stamp Fridtjof Nansen is depicted, he was born 150 years ago (1861).
On the sheet we see his polar research vessel "Fram".

Mocambique, three sheets with stamps of the Norwegian polar explorers Amundsen and Nansen.
December 1911 Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole.
Nansen tried to reach a close position to the North Pole with his vessel "Fram". Then he wanted to reach the Pole on foot, but he was unsuccessful.

New Zealand, a se-tenant with six stamps "New Zealand Experience".
Among them this stamp with a sailing boat.

St. Maarten
St. Maarten, two se-tenants with 12 stamps
Among them these stamps with the "Allure of the Seas" and the port of Philipsburg.

Sao Tome
Sao Tome
Sao Tome & Principe, two souvenir sheets, left "Veleiros", sailing boats. The German "Adler von Lübeck" and the "Gorch Fock" are depicted.

Right "aves do mar e farois" birds at the sea and lighthouses.

Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (TAAF) and Saint Pierre et Miquelon (SPM), a joint issue, each with a souvenir sheet with the same motive, the frigate "Forbin".

Tristan da Cunha, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Volcano pt.1, 50th Anniversary of Evacuation", 1961 - 2011".
The MV "Tjisadane" is depicted. In 1961 during a volcanic eruption the island was evacuated.

Tansania, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Zanzibar Attractions".
On the stamp we see a well-known motive with a coastal sailing boat.

Liberia, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Prosperity Binhai New Area".
Among them this stamp with a picture of a merchant vessel at the quay.

Peru, a se-tenant of two stamps with submarines.
The Peruvian Navy celebrates 100 years of submarines.

Peru, a single stamp, "Muelle Sur del Puerto del Callao", the Pier South at the port of Callao.

Marshall Islands, a souvenir sheet with one well-known stamp of a local craft.

20th anniversary of the admission to the United Nations..

Alderney, a set with seven stamps, Christmas 2011.
Among them these two stamps with a lighthouse and the bow of a cutter in snow flurry(?).

St. Maarten
St. Maarten, a se-tenant with six stamps, sailing ships.
From left top: a viking knorr of 1030, a cog of 1450, the galleon St. Michael of 1669, a herring trawler of 1700, the fullrigger Wendur of 1884 and a dhow of 1900.

Indonesia, a se-tenant with four stamps, "Tahun Trikora". Among them this stamp with war ships.
50 years ago the operation Trikora happened between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Polynesie Francaise, a single stamp "50th anniversary du tournage les revoltes de la Bounty".
Rememberances of making a movie about the "mutiny on the Bounty".

Singapore and Egypt, a joint issue "Significant Rivers".
We see the small Singapore River and the large, long Nile River.

Latvia, three single stamps and from each stamp a se-tenant, 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.
Latvijas Pasts issues stamps dedicated to seafaring as part of the series 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.
You find detailed informations on the internet page
We can see on the stamps 1918 - 2018, the 100 will be reached in 6 years!

Germany, two personalized stamps of navy ships. We see the supply vessel "Frankfurt am Main" and the bow of the sail training ship "Gorch Fock".

Germany, four personalized stamps with the old fast steamers "Großer Kurfürst", "George Washington", "Wilhelm der Grosse" and the lighthouse Buelk, entrance port of Kiel.

Germany, six personalized stamps of the private company biber post. We see tugs and merchant vessels.

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