Maritime Topics on Stamps
September stamps 2011

Philippines, another souvenir sheet to the "Day of the Galleon" with the values of 7 and 40 Peso.
The first sheet You can see on our previous page. Click on this line.
There both stamps have the value of 7 Peso.

Ascension, a set with five stamps "Parsley Fern".
Among them this maritime stamp: HMS "Erebus" and "Terror" approach Ascension.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, a single stamp,
"Sri Lanka Navy, 60 years silent service".

Italy, a single stamp, "Emilio Salgari, 1862 - 1911".
Salgari was an Italian writer, wellknown about his adventure- and historical novels.

Jersey, a set with six stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp, "Shipwrecks".

In the upper line "Princess Ena" 1935, "Caledonia" 1881 and "Ibex" 1897.
In the second line "Schokland" 1943, USS "PT509" 1944 and "Superb" 1850.
Left on the sheet the "Roebuck" 1911.

Tristan da Cunha
Tristan da Cunha
Tristan da Cunha
Tristan da Cunha, a set with four stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp, "Atlantic Odyssey 2011".

In the upper line "Professor Multanocskiy", "Aleksey Maryshev", "Professor Molchanov" and "Plancius".
Left on the sheet the "Plancius" again.
Here we have the "ship based exploratory tourism in the Arctic, Antarctica and Atlantic Regions." Today these ships were called "Expedition-Ships".

Portugal, two se-tenants, "500 years diplomatic (!) connections to Thailand".

Malta,a se-tenant with four stamps "Maritime Malta".
We see the "Ta'Pinu", the "Jean De La Valette", the patrol boat "P23" and the tug "Spinola".

China, two stamps "50th anniversary of the COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company)".
The picture left is not a souvenir sheet. The image actually is the panel on which the design of stamps placed on the stamps issue ceremony.
On the left stamp the container vessel "COSCO Asia" is depicted in front of the Shanghai port.
Onthe right stamp we see the Cape size bulk carrier "Xinsheng Hai", built 1989 with the name "Chita Maru".

Bermuda, a set with four stamps "Bermuda Piloting, Pioneers of Progress".
The stamps were described as :
  • 0.35c portrays a piloting crew bring its gig ashore and the Heathers Chart
  • 0.70c pictures a painting of the pilot sloop Gibbs Hill
  • 0.85c captures details of a pilot sloop and portrait of pilot Jacob Minors
  • $1.10 captures a view of a gig ploughing through rough seas.

St. Pierre et Miquelon, a single stamp with a sailing boat.

St. Pierre et Miquelon, a souvenir sheet with four stamps,"Les bateaux d'assistance de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon".

We see the lighthouse and buoy tender "P'tit St. Pierre", the sea-rescue boat "Jaro II", the pilot boat "Radar IV" and the trawler "Fulmar".

Portugal, a set with two stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp, 50 years navy training school.

Venezuela, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps, Antarctic research.
Among them this stamp with a research vessel

Ascension, a set with four stamps "70th anniversary RAF Search and Rescue".
Among them these two stamps with the HMS "Dumbarton Castle" and the submarine HMS "Spartan".

Thailand, a set with six stamp "children toys". There we have this stamps with two boats.

Comoros, a set with fpur stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Fishing".
Among them this fisher-man with his boat.

Germany, a single stamp, "100 anniversary tunnel below the river Elbe".

Norway a personalized stamp for the Tall Sip Race 2011.

Germany, 5 personalized stamps of the Biber Post with old German war ships.
Depicted are the small cruisers "Berlin", "Bremen", "Hamburg", "Magdeburg" and "Muenchen".

Germany, two new stamps of the series lighthouses.
The towers of Arngast and Dameshoeved are depicted.

Germany, a se-tenant of five personalized stamps of lighthouses on the island Sylt.

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