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post-mark with a vacationvessel of the German 'Kraft durch Freude' association.

Many people collect maritime postmarks. They are full of informations. In most case they have a graphical picture and an information about the reason of publishing. Then there is an notice about the town / village of the post-office and the date.
You can collect the postmarks together with your stamps. They are a worth enrichment of any collection. On this page we will show to you different types of postmarks and some advertising ships stamps.

Kiel Canal
post-mark of the Kiel-Canal jubilee
      Typical structure of a motive post-mark:
  • on top the place of the post-office, here Kiel 1
  • in the middle the 'motive', a typical coaster
  • below the date of cancellation, in this example together with the notice 'Erstausgabetag', that means 'first day of issue'
  • around you see the text of the event, in german the 75th jubilee of the Kiel-Canal
  • at the bottom the post-area-number, here 23.

Stempel Stralsunder Schiffer Co.
Stempel Polarexpedition
500 year existence of the 'Stralsund Schiffer Compagnie'. This was and is a brotherhood of seamen to help one another and their families in social necessity. On earlier times this was nearly the same like an insurance. German expedition to the South Pole, 1911 to 1912. The ship was the 'Deutschland', a Norwegian construction with the earlier name 'Björn'. The explorer Wilhelm Filchner was the leader of this dangerous expedition. They discovered different coast and shelf regions but had no success to cross the Antartic.

fr. Atomuboot
French's first nuclear powered submarine 'Le Redoutable', start construction 1964, finished and first trial trip 1969, 8000 tons, 4 torpedos and 16 rockets aboard.
German passenger liner 'Berlin' with a 'ship-mail' postmark. Build 1925 for the Swedish (Svenska) America Line with the name 'Gripsholm', the Northgerman (Norddeutscher) Lloyd got the vessel and under the new name 'Berlin' the second maiden voyage starts 30 years later, 1955.
Stempel Berlin

Australia stamp
Post-marks are most circular, but they can have the different formats. Here You see a square post-mark of the Australian Post Authority. The motive is the sail training ship 'Young Endeavour', a gift of the United Kingdom to Australia to the 200 anniversary of settlement.

Down below you see some advertising stamps of different ships.

Norasia Sharjah
The container ship 'Norasia Sharjah' on her maiden voyage. This ship belongs to the catagory 'ship of the future', type 'open top container ship', that means without hatch-covering, constructed at the dockyard of Howaldt, Kiel.
Stamps of the marine training vessel 'Gorch Fock', together with stamps of the 'Operation sail'. The 'Gorch Fock', the second barque with this name, launching 1958 at Hamburg, has 23 sails which measured 1952 squaremeters. Gorch Fock was the assumed name (pseudonym) of the sea-author Hans Kinau, who died 1916 during the battle of Skagerrak.
Gorch Fock

Borussia Hapag
Cap San Diego
  Fast general cargo freighter 'Borussia', build 1965, 12544 tdw, 21 knots, far-east trade, 56th voyage. The fast 'Cap San Diego', general cargo to South America, build 1962, 10017 tdw, 20 knots, today a museum-ship at the port of Hamburg.

Heinrich, d. Seefahrer
On the top you see a stamp of the centennial '500 years of the birth of Henrique, the Navigator'. On this stamp is nothing then '1394 centenario 1894'.

To the right a stamp of the submersible 'Deep Quest'. This is an example for stamps, which had to fullfill and /or signature by the master, captain, pilot or purser.
Deep Quest

The 'USS Constellation', an aircraft carrier, (CVA - Carrier Vessel Attack), build 1957 to 1961, full displacement 82538 tons, US Pacific Fleet. In the background you see the frigate with same name. The date 1797 was the launching year of 3 'old ironsides', the 'Constitution', the 'United States' and the 'Constellation'.

History of 'Lloyds' began in Edwards Lloyds Thames-side coffee house, Tower Street, London. The exact date is unknown, but as meeting place for insuring ships and their cargoes the coffee house was well-known since 1688. Persons working at this place would each take a share of risk, signing their names one beneath the other on the policy together. For this reason they were called the 'underwriters'. Lloyd died in 1713, but the coffee house continued to prosper as a centre for maritime insurance. This post-mark tell's us, that the coffee house was built up at 1769.
Lloyds coffee house

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