Maritime Topics on Stamps

September stamps 2010

Germany, a single stamp for the "day of the stamp 2010".

We see a poster of the German Imperial Post with their ship connections to the North Sea Islands.


Barbados Barbados, a set with five stamps, Barbados Sailing April to May 2010.

Greenland Greenland, a souvenir sheet and a single stamp, North Greenland Expedition 1818 by John Ross (left top) and his translator Sakæus (right top).
Left the stamp with the sailing ships "Isabella" and "Alexander".

Greenland, a set with two stamps, history of the mining industry at Greenland.
On one stamp we see the station Ivittuut with the old sailing ship harbour.

Norfolk Islands
Norfolk Islands, a set with four stamps, 'They came aboard the "Morayshire"'.

In 1856 193 Pitcairn inhabitants sailed with the "Morayshire" to the Norfolk Islands.
The ship is pictured left bottom on the stamps.

Norway, a single stamp, centenary of the Norwegian seamen association.
A bosun on board the MV "Stavanger" is depicted.

South Georgia & the Sandwich Islands, a set with four stamps, William Hodges, the painter on Captain Cooks second voyage. On the left stamp he painted the "Resolution". Right he portraied Captain Cook.

Gibraltar, a set with four stamps, King Georg V.
Among them a stamp with the king in front of two gun turrets.

Netherlands, a souvenir sheet with ten stamps, centenary "Rijksoctrooiwet", Dutch patent office???
Left we see Cornelis Drebbel and his submarine. Right lashings around a windlass on a sailing boat.

Russia, a single stamp, 125 anniversary birth of N.N. Zubov.
On the stamp we see Mr. Zubov with the coastal steamer "SADKO".

Russia, a single stamp, 150 anniversary port of Vladivostok
We see the port with the lighthouse.

Pitcairn Islands, a set with four stamps ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

On the stamps we see tanks, aircrafts and ship artillery.

Cabo Verde
Cap Verde, a se-tenant of three stamps, the discovery of the Cap Verde islands in 1460 (?).
In the Wikipedia encyclopaedia You can find a sailing around the islands in 1445 and a discovery in 1456.

Taiwan, a set with four stamps, lighthouses.

25 Liu Chiu Yu, 10 Paisha Chia, 5 Wen Kan Tui tower and 5 Chilung Tao.


Namibia, a set with four stamps, lighthouses.
We see the towers of Pelican Point (Walvis Bay), Diaz Point (Luederitzbay) and Swakopmund.

Bosna i Hercegovina, a single stamp, mh - matica hrvatska, Cituk, 19.6.2010.
It should be a lighthouse, may be a symbolic lighthouse event / meeting ?

Croatia, a set with three stamps, lighthouses.
The towers of Tajer, Veli Rat and Vir are depicted.

Spain, a set with six stamps, lighthouses.

In the upper row we see from left Aviles, Clutdella at Menorca and Cabo de Huertas at Alicante.

In the lower row Punta la Polacra at Nijar Almeria, San Cibrao in Cervo and Punta Cumplida at Barlovento Palma.

Germany, a personalized stamp.
The high-speed steamer "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" is depicted.

Netherlands, three personalized stamps about sea voyages and the Sail Amsterdam.

Austria, a personalized stamp for the exhibition Övebria 2010.
We see the paddle steamer "Gisela".

Norway two old stamps about the Hurtigruten with her MV "Finnmarken".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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