Maritime Topics on Stamps

December / January 2009/10

Isle of Man, a souvenir sheet with two stamps with the steamer "Ellan Vannin".
Hundred years ago, in December 1909 the "Ellan Vannin" sank in a heavy storm at the mouth of the Mersey River. 14 passengers and 21 crew members died.
Isle of Man

Falkland Isl.
Falkland Islands, a set of four stamps "Maritime Heritage, part six".
Five ships of the Royal Navy were named HMS "Exeter". On both top stamps the heavy cruiser is depicted. In 1942 she sunk during a battle by a Japanese superiority.
On the lower stamps we see the destroyer, who was decommissioned in 2009.

New Zealand, a set with five stamps honoring the famous sailor Sir Peter Blake.
At the 50 cent stamp we see his portrait.
On the $1.00 stamp he is depicted at the helm of the "Steinlager 2". With this ship he won the Whitbread Race 19891990.
The $1.80 stamp shows him as the sailor of the year 1994 after the fastest world rounding.
On the $2.30 we see him with the America's Cup. In 1995 he won the Cup for New Zealand.
The $2.80 stamp pointed his work as environmentalist.
2001 Sir Peter Blake was killed by pirates on the Amazonas River.

Gibraltar, a set with five stamps "Old Views of Gibraltar".
Among them this stamp with the rock of Gibraltar and old sailing ships.

Bahrain, a set with two stamps "First Ministerial Meeting GCC-ASEAN, Manama, June 2009".

Two Dhows are depicted.


Dominicana, a single stamp "Descubrimiento de la Isla Quisqueya". We see Columbus with his "Santa Maria". 1492 he discovered the island.
Quisqueya is the name of the island Hispaniola in the Taíno language and means "Mother of the Earth".

S. Tome e Principe, a souvenir sheet with four stamps abaout the Easter Islands with their huge monuments and four vessels.

We see from left: "Grande Hermine" (France 1500), "Sparrow" (England 1470), "Victoria" (Spain 1500) and "Concorde" (Netherlands 1612).

S. Tome

New Caledonia
Nouvelle Caledonie, a se-tenant of two stamps "10th anniversary Maritime Museum (left)
and with an exhibit about the seaman and discoverer La Perouse (right)".

France, a se-tenant of two stamps.

The helicopter carrier "Jeanne d'Arc" with three crew menbers are depicted.


Maroc, a souvenir sheet with two stamps to the 10th anniversary accession to the throne of their king.

On the sheet we see the container vessel "Santa Carlota". In 2000 she was built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

Nicaragua, a set with six stamps "Empresa Portuaria Nacional Nicaragua".
On the stamps are depicted: Port Corinto with the "Maersk Erimo", port El Rama with the "Island Intrepid", port Granada, port San Juan del Sur, port Sandino and port Salvador Allende.

Cuba, a set with four stamps for the Charles Darwin year. Among them this stamp with the "Beagle" and the courses of the five years research voyage.

Jersey, a set with six stamps "Naval Expedition 1637".
The HMS "Garland", HMS "Eighth Lion's Whelp", HMS "Unicorn", HMS "Mary Rose", HMS "Antelope" and HMS "Rainbow" are depicted.

Malta, a set with four stamps "Passenger Liners 2009".
We see the "Seabourn Pride", "Brilliance of the Sea", "Costa Magica" with "Costa Atlantica" and the "MSC Splendida".

Nauru, a small sheet with one stamp "Fly Navy".

The "Operation Meridian 1945" with an aircraft carrier in the background is depicted.


Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde, a se-tenant with three stamps to the Charles Darwin year.
We see Darwin, the "Beagle" and catching an octopus.

China, a set with six stamps, subject unknown.
Here are two stamps with ships.

Mocambique, total four souvenir sheets "Historia do Transporte Maritimo I and II".
On the upper sheet we see a Venice ship, a boat of Madeira, an Arabia Dhow, a Chinese Junk, a Greek galley and a Roman galley.
From left top are depicted: "Independence" 1798, "Great Harry" 1540, "Vespucci" 1480, "Norske Löwe" 1643, "Brederoe" 1650 and "Madre Di Dio" 1500.
Mocambique, continuation "Historia do Transporte Maritimo I und II".
On the left sheet there is a reed canoe and viking ships. Right the "S. Catalina du Monte Sinai" 1515, "San Juan" 1576, "Sophia Amalia" 1650 and the "Santissima Madre" 1550 in the foreground.

Greenland, a small sheet with one stamp:
"Otto Nordenskjölds og Hilmar Skoogs Grønlandsexpedition 1909".

Saint Pierre & Miquelon, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Le port de St-Pierre bloque par les glaces".
There are four views about the freezed port of Saint Pierre.

Brasil, a sheet with four stamps "Presenca Holandesa no Brasil".
Among them this stamp with the sailing vessel "Capitania Zutphen".

Union des Comores, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Les Vehicules Medicaux".
Among them this stamp with the Red Cross Ship
USNS "Mercy".

Korea, a se-tenant with three stamps "Year of the World Red Cross and Red Crescent".
Among them this stamp "First Aid" with a ship in the sub-background.

S. Tome
Sao Tome & Principe, a souvenir sheet with five stamps "Farois & Aves Marinhas".
Following lighthouses are depicted:
Split Point/Australia, de la Vieille/France, Gumundo/South Korea, Europa Point/Gibraktar, Cabo Espichel/Portugal, Pigean Point/USA.

S. Tome
Sao Tome & Principe, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Farois & Aves Marinhas".
Following lighthouses are depicted:
Stanley Park/Canada left in the foreground, on the stamp Sunderland/England and top in the background West Point/USA.

Ukraine, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "Lighthouses of the Ukraine" .
We see from left:
Kyz Aulskyi, Luparivskyi Front, Yaltynskyi, Vorontsovskyi, Sarych and Berdianskyi.

Greece, a souvenir sheet with five stamps lighthouses.
We have shown the single stamps on our November page, now here all together on the sheet.
There are the towers of Chania, Toulitis, Gaydoyronisi, Korakas and Strongyli.

Netherlands, two personalized stamps.
Left a viking boat and right the "Statendam".

Netherlands, a se-tenant with five stamps "Maritime Museum Rotterdam".

From left are depicted:
a poster of the Holland Amerika Lijn, the port of Rotterdam, Jan Huygen van Linschoten, a vessel of the 15th century and a dockyard of 1630.


Germany, a personalized stamp with the fast passenger vessel

"Kaiser Wilhelm II".

In 1906 she won the "Blue Riband ".

Switzerland, a personalized stamp with the German sail training vessel "Gorch Fock".

Brasil, a se-tenant of twelve Cinderellas, "Rio Grande do Norte - RN".
Among them the lighthouse of Mae Luiza, Natal and a coastal craft.

Denmark, a preview to 2010:
Issue 1st June with five stamps to mark the 500th anniversary of the Royal Danish Navy. We see the frigate "Iver Huitfeldt (2010), artillery ship "Niels Juel" (1918), armoured vessel Tordenskjold (1880), screw frigate "Jylland" (1860), caravel "Maria" (1510).
And right an issue on 24th March: two stamps to celebrate the city of Ribe 1300 years. On one stamp a queen in a viking boat is depicted.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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