Maritime Topics on Stamps
August 2009


TAAF, Terra Australis et Antarctique Francaise, a single stamp, again and again the "Marion Dufresne" is depicted.
The print quality is unfortunately poor.

Falkland Island, a set with two stamps "Port Louis 1833 - 2008".
Port Louis

Cabo Verde, a set with four stamps "Ciclo da Baleia, 2a serie", History of Whale Hunting, second series. The first set was issued in 2006.

Cabo Verde, a set with four stamps "ribeira grande e a rota internacional dos escravos", the town Ribeira Grande and the routes of the slave trade.
This set was already issued in 2006, but now available in Germany!

Saint Pierre & Miquelon, a single stamp, 1909 - 2009, a centenary (?).

Cabo Verde, a set with four stamps "descrito pelos grandes navegadores, Francis Drake", Francis Drake was a great navigator. Again a set from 2006.

British Antarcric Territory, a set with four stamps "100 years of naval aviation". At this place the stamp on which you can apprehend a ship, right below under the helicopter.
This is an old question: Should we collect stamps on which we can see the ships only by a magnifying glass or because naval aviation belongs to the navy?
naval aviation

Pitcairn Island, a set with four stamps "Bicentenary of the Birth of Charles Darwin". Here the only maritime stamp with the bow of the "Beagle".
On our ships on stamps site we have a Darwin page :
Darwin's voyage with the "Beagle"

Falkland Islands, a set with four stamps "Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882". Here the only maritime stamp with HMS "Beagle" at Berkeley Sound 1834.

Laos, a set with three stamps about transportation.

Thereby a river ferry.

Colombia, a singele stamp "escuela naval de suboficiales"; a navy academy for cadets.

"Jolie Brise" and "Etoile"
Sailing "Concordia", "Picton Castle", "Tecla" and "Europa".
Bermuda, a set with six stamps "Atlantic Challenge 2009".

Bosnia Herzegovina / Serbia (?), a set with two stamps.
We see Amerigo Vespucci and Marco Polo.

North Korea, a single stamp, 135 years UPU (Universal Postal Union).

Sao Tome & Principe, a souvenir sheet with four stamps and a sheet with one stamp "Submarinos". We can detect the "Turtle" left below the shark but all other submarines are noted in Russian script. On the right sheet on top a German boat of the type XXIII.


Peru, a set with two stamps, lighthouses. The towers of La Marina and Muelle Darsena are depicted.

Saint Pierre & Miquelon, a single stamp "Tennis". As well there is a lighthouse.

Malta, a single stamp "Sailing".

Italia, a single stamp "Isola del Giglio" with a lighthouse. In addition the cancellation.

Vanuatu, a souvenir sheet with two stamps "Bicentenary of first contact between Russia and Vanuatu, 1809 - 2009".

July 1809 the Russian sloop "Diana" under the command of admiral V.M. Golovnin arrived at Port Resolution at Tanna Island.

Germany, a souvenir sheet with nine stamps "Hanse Sail 2009" from the private service Ridas at Rostock.

From left top are depicted: "Atlanta", "Antigua", "R. Amundsen", "Gorch Fock II", "Greif", "Shtandart", "Ingo", "Mir" and "Sedov".

Hanse Sail


First row: "Costa Serena", Hopkins Glacier Alaska, MS "Veendam".
Second row: "QE2 and a Concorde at New York, "Emerald Princess", "Titanic".

Cunard Line Poster, people in front of a HAL poster, the funnel of MV "Zaandam".
Netherlands, back again with many personalized stamps.

naval aviation
naval aviation
naval aviation
naval aviation
naval aviation
naval aviation
Isle of Man, a set with six stamps "Naval Aviation".
Again we have to search the ships with a magnifying glass.
30 p HMS Colossus, 31 p HMS Victorious, 72 p HMS Furious, 85 p HMS Daring and HMS Dauntless, 98p British Task Force in San Carlos Water, Falkland, 1,36 pound HMS Caroline and HMS Ben-My-Chree.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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