Maritime Topics on Stamps

November 2008

North Korea, a souvenir sheet with two stamps, "Sailing Ships".


Comores, a souvenir sheet with one stamp, cruise liners.

From left top are depicted: "AIDAaura", "Aurora" and "Arcadia". Left bottom the "Titanic" and on the stamp the "Pacific Princess".

Iceland, a single stamp, 50th anniversary of the "first cod war".
1958 Iceland extended the fishery belt from 4 to 12 nautical miles.

Kuwait, a se-tenant of two stamps, "a joint issue 45 years of diplomatic relationships Kuwait - Romania". Here the maritime topic of Kuwait.
You can see the Romanian stamp on our page

Australia, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, International Polar Year 2007 - 2008.

On the stamps four scientific categories are depicted. Astronomy, Glaciology, Marine Biology and Oceanography.


Japan, a se-tenant of ten stamps, friendship, communication with Brasil.

Among them one maritime topic with this steamer.

Jersey, a souvenir sheet with six stamps, "Naval Connections II".

Depicted from left top: HMS   "Roebuck", HMS   "Monmouth", HMS   "Edinburgh".
In the lower row from left HMS   "Express", HMS   "Severn" and HMS   "Cottesmore".
Below at the border HMS "Dulverton".

The single stamps and the sheet with the "Britannia" we have shown on our October page:".

French Polynesia, a single stamp, "50e Anniversaire de la mort d'Eric de Bisschop et de la fin de l'expedition Tahiti Nui".
50th anniversary of the dead of Eric de Bisschop and the end of his expedition Tahiti Nui(?).

Gibraltar, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, "Cruise Ships IV".
We see from left the "Century", the "Grand Princess", the "Queen Victoria" and the "Costa Mediterranea".

India, a set with four stamps about the Indian Coast Guard.

Here both maritime topics, a Hovercraft and a vessel of the Samar class 43, the "Sangram".

The appendent souvenir sheet we got already in July, see

Latvia, a single stamp about the foundation of a museum at the town of Riga.

Tristan da Cunha, a set with six stamps, "Lest He Forget".
Among them a stamp about a sea battle, "Lion Leads In Jutland, WL Wyllie 1916".
It could be the Skagerrak Battle. William Lionel Wyllie (1851 - 1931) was a British navy painter.
Tristan da Cunha

Finland, Greenland, a joint issue, two souvenir sheets with two stamps.
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld with his vessel "Sofia" is depicted. 125 years ago he sailed with this research vessel to Spitzbergen and Greenland.

Greenland, a set with three stamps "Scientic Series, part IV".
Among them a cover "75th anniversary of the French station at Scoresbysund".
The station was founded by J.B.Charcot, his vessel was the "Pourquoi Pas?".
We have had a joint issue between France and Greenland about Charcot and his research vessel, see

Germany, a set with five stamps of the private mail service Nordbrief.
We see five paintings about the Kiel-Canal.
From left top a vessel sails through a rape field, then the bridge at Rendsburg, the lighthouse at Kiel Holtenau, the canal tunnel at Rendsburg and the bridge at Levensau.

    Addition :

cruise liner
Comores, a se-tenant of six stamps, cruise liners.

From left top we see :

"Titanic", "Golden Princess", "Mauretania", "Queen Victoria", "Queen Elizabeth 2" and "Queen Mary 2".

cruise liner
cruise liner
cruise liner
cruise liner
cruise liner
Netherlands, 5 personalized stamps with Cunard liners and der the Holland America Line.

From left top: a Cunard poster, beside the Queens, "QM 2", "Queen Victoria" and "QE 2"; right the "Ryndam" (?) of the HAL.

Left the bow of the "Eurodam" and right the "QE 2".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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