Maritime Topics on Stamps

May 2008 Stamps

Sweden, a set with four stamps "Sailing Ships".
There are from left top the barque "T/S Gunilla", the brig "Tre Kronor Af Stockholm", the trawler with a ketch rig "Gratitude" and the schooner "Gladan" and "Falken".
sailing boat

reseach vessel
Chile, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "Exploration Antarctica". Here we see a ship stamp with a research vessel.

Norway, a set with six stamps "Tourism", among them three maritime topics.

Falkland Islands, a set with four stamps "Polar Explorers".
Depicted from left top James Weddell and the "Jane", James Clark Ross and HMS "Erebus", William Spiers Bruce and the "Scotia", James Marr and "Discovery II".

Gibraltar, a set with six stamps "250 Birthday Lord Nelson" (1758 - 1805).
On the stamps six ships in the life of Horatio Nelson are depicted.
From left top HMS "Agamemnon", HMS "La Minerve", HMS "Captain", HMS "Vanguard", HMS "Amphion" and HMS "Victory".

Kuwait, a set with three stamps with the same topic "50 years Kuwait Oil Tanker Company".
The shadow behind "Golden Jubilee" is a tanker.

Kuwait, a se-tenant of three stamps "1st Anniversary for Kuwait Philatelic & Numismatic Society". Here a stamp on a stamp with a dhow.

Greece, a set with 10 stamps, "Greek Countryside".
Among them these three port topics.

Japan, a set with three stamps "International Letter Writing Week". Here the maritime topic with Japanese local crafts.

Spain, a set with six stamps "toys". Among them this submarine.

Hungary, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "For the Youth".
Among them this ship caricature.

Spain, a single stamp "Rescue at Sea".
The left boat belongs to the "Alusafe 2000" class, 25 of this type are on duty. The right vessel belongs to the "Sasemar 1" class; Spain has two of them.

Åland, a Europe single stamp "Letter from a Sailors Wife". In the background we see an Åland barque.

Germany, a set with four stamps of the private post service Post-Modern, "Saxon steam shipping II, 171 years".
We see from left top the "Leipzig", the "Bodenbach", the "König Friedrich August" and the "Palacky".

Estonia, a single stamp of the lighthouse series.The tower of Mehikoorma is depicted.

Canada, a se-tenant of five stamps "Lighthouses".
We see the fire of Point Clark, Pachena Point, Warren Landing, Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse and Sambro Island Lighthouse.

Netherlands Antillen, a se-tenant of six stamps "Lighthouses 2008".
From left top we see the towers of Malmok, Bonaire; Fort Oranje, Bonaire; Klein Curacao; Noordpunt, Curacao; Bullenbaai, Curacao and Willemstoren, Bonaire.
A set of four lighthouse stamps will be issued at the 6th June from Åland, "Åland Lighthouses on Stamps".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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