Maritime Topics on Stamps

April 2008 Stamps

Thailand, a single stamp with a patrol boat.
patrol boat

Australia, a se-tenant of five stamps "Heavy Haulers". Among them one ship stamp with the bulkcarrier "Berge Stahl".

South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa, a set with five stamps "Ships of the Union Castle Line".
From left top to right there are:
"The Dane", "SA Vaal", "Kildonan Castle", "Edinburgh Castle" and "Windsor Castle".

Spain a set with eight stamps, toys. Among them this beautiful stamp with a ship on wheels, "Transatlantico".

Greennland, a souvenir sheet with two stamps "Nordic Mythology". The kayaking inuit and the bear are the main characters in the legend "The Rocks and The Bear of the Lake".

sea rescue
Great Britain, a set with six stamps "Rescue at Sea". Several operations of the British rescue sailors are depicted. In a unique innovation to help mark the centenary of the SOS signal the stamps is a special dot-dash type perforation to represent the morse code SOS signal.

Mexico, a single stamp, "Buque Escuela Velero Cuauthèmoc". We see the sail training vessel of the Mexican navy, the ARM "Cuauhtèmoc".

Poland, a single stamp, 150th anniversary of the birth of the ship master and writer Josef Conrad.

Portugal, a se-tenant of two stamps. We have the bicentenary of the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in Brasil.

Indonesia, a souvenir sheet with seven stamps "Visit Indonesia 2008 celebrating 100 years of nations awakening".

Here we see only the four bottom stamps with the Portuguese vessels.

Bosnia Herzegowina, a souvenir sheet with one stamp. The ship should be a galley and the symbol flower of Bosnia is a sword-lily.

Guinea, a souvenir sheet with three stamps, dolphins and lighthouses.
Left the tower of Cape Agulhas, right the tower of Port Elizabeth and below the tower of the Cape of the Good Hope.

Guinea, a souvenir sheet with three stamps, shells and lighthouses.
Left the tower of Cape Recife, right the tower of Swakopmund (?) and below the tower of Cape Town.

Germany, a set of the private Ostseepost with four stamps "Youth under Sails".
From left top are depicted "Alexander von Humboldt", "Roald Amundsen", "Fridtjof Nansen" and left the "Atalanta".

Germany, a souvenir sheet with nine stamps of the private post service Ridas, "75th anniversary Gorch Fock I".
From left top "Eagle", "Sagres", Mircea". In the middle "Gorch Fock I" 1933, an emblem, "Gorch Fock II".
Below the "Gorch Fock I" under her later name "Towarischtsch", then the "Towarischtsch" was transported to Stralsund with the dockship "Condock V"and again the "Gorch Fock I" without sails.

Germany, a souvenir sheet with nine stamps of the private post service Ridas, "Tall ShipFriends".
From left top "Statsraad Lehmkuhl", "Sørlandet" and "Christian Radich".
In the middle "Kruzenshtern", Emblem Tall Ship Friends and "Sedov".
Below "Mir", "Antigua" and "Gorch Fock I".

Germany, a single stamp of the private post service Ridas, "Likedeeler, sponsoring association youth ship".

The depicted ship is the "Likedeeler", a rebuild former general cargo vessel.

USA, a "personalized" stamp with the full rigger "Seeadler". This ship was sailed in WW I from the German Count von Luckner.
Germany, a "personalized" stamp with the ferry "Dat Ole Land".
Dat Ole Land

Germany, two "personalized" stamps with the catamaran ferry "Hansestar".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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