Maritime Topics on Stamps

March 2008 Stamps

the Queens
Isle of Man, a souvenir sheet,"The most famous ocean liners of the world". On January 13th 2008 there was a meeting of the three "Queens" at New York. From left are depicted: the "Queen Elizabeth 2", the "Queen Mary 2" and the new "Queen Victoria".

Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises (TAAF), a single stamp with a picture of the "Esperance". On this stamp she ist depicted in a worse condition.

Russia, a se-tenant "Arctic Deep Water Expedition".

On the upper picture we see the research vessel "Akademik Fyodorow", in the middle the submersible "Mir I" and below the Russian flag.

Isle of Man, a set with six stamps, Vikings. Among them this two stamps with the "burial of a viking warrior" and with "King Orry" in front of boats (, his right name was "Godred Crovan").

Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises (TAAF), a single stamp, "Programme ICOTA". (Ichtyologie cotière en Terre Adélie - fish research at coastal areas).

The vehicle "Teleopere" is depicted.

Ecuador, a set with two stamps, "Inocar 75 anos", 75 anniversary of the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy of Ecuador. Here is the stamp with the rearch vessel "Orion".
Polar research vessel

Japan sailing
Japanese port
Japan, a se-tenant of 12 stamps. Among them two maritime topics with ships. The vessel with 5001 on the bow is the icebreaker "Fuji".

Cruise Liners
cruise liners Sao Tome e Principe, a se-tenant of four stamps "Navios de Cruzeiro". We see from left top the "Queen Mary 2", the "Freedom of the Seas", the "Crystal Symphony" and the "Star Princess".

Beside a souvenir-sheet with the "Titanic".

And left a souvenir sheet with the "Crystal Symphony". There are also three sheets from the other three liners with the same stamp we see above.
On the stamp and sheet we find "Simphony" instead of "Symphony".

Sao Tome e Principe, a se-tenant of four lighthouse stamps "Indicadores de Caminho".
From left top are depicted: the lighthouse of Alexandria "Faro de Alexandria", the "Torre de Hercules", then the "Yokohama Marine Tower" and "Faro del Cordoves".

Mocambique, a se-tenant of eight stamps "Golfhinos". That are stamps with dolphins and lighthouses.
In addition there is a souvenir sheet with one dolphin und lighthouse. Mocambique issued a similar set with whales and lighthouses.

Gorch Fock
Germany, two "personalized" stamps. Left a sailing boat with the webmaster of "seemotive.de", right the sailing training vessel "Gorch Fock II".

Graf Luckner
New Zealand, two "personalised" stamps. Left we see marine flora with the liner "AIDAdiva", right the famous German Felix Graf von Luckner. In WW I. he sailed with his "Seeadler" as a privateer for the German Navy.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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