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Maritime Topics on Stamps

December 2007 Stamps

South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, one stamp with Shackleton's research vessel "Quest".

Iraq / Kurdistan, a souvenir sheet with eight stamps "Battleships".
From left top:
"Ark Royal", GB, 1587; "Independence", USA, 1799; "Audacious", GB, 1785; "Bretagne", France, 1850; "Centurion", GB, 1740; "Duke of Wellington", GB, 1849; "Re Galantuomo", Italy, 1861; "Golden Hind", England, 1577.
battle ships

Marshall Islands, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps "Yacht Registry".
From left top: Upper row: "Domani", "Excellence III", "Aquasition", "Perfect Symmetrie 5" and "Happy Days".
In the lower row: "Mystique", "Halcyon Days", "Man of Steel", "Marathon" and "Sindbad".

Georgia, a set with four stamps with pictures of armed forces; among them this patrol boat.

Netherlands, a souvenir sheet with 5 stamps "Mooi Nederland". The bow of the frigate F-804, "De Ruyter" is depicted.

St. Helena
St. Helena, a set with four stamps with motives of ships and aeroplanes. Left the SS "Savannah, first steamship to cross the Atlantic". Right the sailing boat of Alain Gerbault, "first East/West solo sailing across the Atlantic." On the other stamps aeroplanes are depicted.

Niue, a souvenir sheet with 6 stamps "400th Anniversary Jamestown / Virginia". Both maritime motives are enlarged right; "first settlers reach Jamestown" and "Captain John Smith".

Jersey, a set with six stamps with countryside pictures. On this three stamps we see the docks at "Mont Orgueil Castle" and "Bonne Nuit Harbour". Left the "La Corbiere Lighthouse".

Guernsey, a set with six stamps with countryside pictures.
Left "Point Robert Lighthouse, Sark" and right the "Vazon Bay".

Malta, a set with five stamps with paintings. Among them this two stamps with port sceneries.

Monaco, a single stamp with the port. There are many small yachts which we can find with a mangnifying glass. Top right there is a cruise liner.

Indonesia, a se-tenant of two stamps "Lighthouses".
Left "Mercusuar Semarang" and right "Mercusuar Cikoneng".

Hongkong, a set with six stamps "Declared Monuments in Hongkong". Among them "Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse".

Spain, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "Faros 2007".
In the upper row we see "Faro Punta Del Hidalgo, Tenerife; Faro Cabo Mayor, Cantabria and Faro Punta Almina, Ceuta".
In the lower row "Faro Melilla, Melilla; Faro Cabo de Palos, Murcia and Faro Gorliz, Vizcaya".

Greenland, a joint issue with France, 8th November 2007.
The Polar researcher Jean-Baptiste Charcot and Paul Emile Victor with the vessel "Pourquoi Pas?" (Why not?). This is a copy from the "Greenland Collector". When I get the stamps a better picture will follow.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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