Maritime Topics on Stamps

October 2007 Stamps

Kon Tiki
French Polynesia, a single stamp, "60th anniversary of the arrival of the Kon Tiki in French Polynesia". 60 years ago Thor Heyerdahl ran aground of the island Raroia with his raft Kon Tiki.

French Polynesia, a single stamp "Daily Life Scene". This is a picture of the painter Alber Luzuy.
daily life

Kronprins Harald
Color Fantasy + Magic
Norway, three personalised stamps with the ferries "Kronprins Harald", "Color Fantasy" and "Color Magic".

Norway, another personalised stamp with the Hurtigruten vessel "Nordstjernen". 50 years ago this ship was built at the dockyard of Blohm & Voss. Now she came to her anniversary to Hamburg.

British Indian Ocean Territory, a set with four stamps "125th anniversary of the death of Charles Darwin". Left the "Beagle", right the scientist. On the other stamps there are coral reefs and turtles.

Danmark, four maritime topics on automatic franking stamps.
There are bridges and sailing ships depicted.
automaton stamps

Pitcairn Islands, a set with 12 stamps, "HMS Bounty Replica, USA".

Georgia, a set with four stamps, old sailing ships.

Wallis et Futuna, a souvenir sheet with one stamp, "240th anniversary discovery of the island Uvea by Samuel Wallis"; it happened on 16th August, 1767.

John Ross
John Ross
Isle of Man, a set with six stamps, "International Polar Year". Left top ( 28 and 31 Pence stamp) the "Victory" of Capt. John Ross, who tried to reach the magnetic North Pole.
Right below on the 117 stamp the whaler "Isabella", saving the crew of the "Victory".

viking boat
viking boat
Ireland, a single stamp "Skuldelev 2, viking longship, Long Fhada Lochlannach". And a souvenir sheet with a viking boat "sea stallion from Glendalough".

Montenegro, a single stamp "Navigation" with a sailing vessel.
"Crna Gora" is the local name of Montenegro and means black mountains.

Espana, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, "sports to the edge of impossible 2007".
On the bottom of the sheet this two maritime topics, a sailing boat and kayaks between icebergs .

China, a stationery with a stamp with junks.

Turkey, a souvenir sheet with eight stamps, "the 100th anniversary of the Fenerbahce Sports Club"; among them water sports.

Turkey, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, "the 100th anniversary of the Fenerbahce Sports Club"; among them this lighthouse stamp.

Netherlands, a souvenir sheet with ten stamps, "Sail Amsterdam" from the year Jahre 2000, coincidental discovered.

Depicted from left top „Libertad“, „Amerigo Vespucci“, „Dar ModziezÝy“, „Europa“, „Krusenstern“ „Sagres II“, „Alexander von Humboldt“, „Sedow“, „Mir“ and „Oosterschelde“.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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