Maritime Topics on Stamps
April / May stamps 2007

Finland, a se-tenant of two stamps "centenary of the international boy scout motion".
Here we see scouts on a sailing boat.

Norway, a set with six stamps, Tourism. Among them this stamp showing the port of Reine at the Lofoten.

Norway, a single stamp, "bicentenary of the town Porsgrunn". Above the customs house the barque "Dionne" is depicted.

Great Britain, a set with six stamps "Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807". On these two stamps we see left Granville Sharp and right Thomas Clarkson, both fought for the abolition of the slavery. In the background a sailing ship and part of a stowage map of the slaves under deck.
On the other stamps there are other portraits and slavery topics.
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Germany, a single stamp of the company Nordbrief with the cruise liner "Europa".
The Internet page of the company:

Germany, a single stamp, 1200 anniversary of the town Magdeburg. In front of the town wall we see two freight-sailing-ships on the river Elbe.

Denmark, a set with two stamps "Galathea 3" expedition of the research vessel "Vædderen". On the left stamp the ship sails around the world in an ocean of plants and sea animals. On the right stamp the course of the ship is shown.
Polar Year

sea rescue
sea rescue
Sweden, a set with three stamps and a souvenir sheet "Centenary of the Swedish sea rescue".
Left the new "rescue runner", in the background the lifeboat "Anna Wallenberg". In the middle a sea rescue cruiser of the Victoria class. Right a training situation, sea rescue from the air.

Argentina, a set with five stamps "A 25 Años del Conflicto del Atlántico Sur", 25th anniversary of the war in the South-Atlantic, the Falkland War. On this stamp the cruiser A.R.A. "General Belgrano" is depicted.

Argentina, a stationery with the frigate A.R.A. "Libertad". The figurehead of the ship is part of the stamp.

Argentina, a single stamp with the icebreaker A.R.A "Almirante Irizar".

Iceland, a set with four stamps as se-tenants, freighter.
From left the tanker "Hamrafell", beside the "Tröllafoss", then the "Langjökull" and the "Akranes".

polar year
Falkland Islands, a set with six stamps "Fisheries".
3p A busy day at sea for both the fishermen. The Falkland Islands Protection Vessel, Dorada, can be seen in the background.
11p Work aboard continues well into the night, if not all night.
25p Fishermen ending their shift after a long day at sea.
30p A Japanese Jigger is shown in Stanley Harbour where licenses are collected prior to fishing within the conservation zone.
60p The Fishery Protection Vessel Dorada is shown patrolling the conservation zone.
1.05 The smaller vessel in the foreground is a Loligo trawler trans-shipping its processed and boxed catch to the larger reefer, a freezer container ship.

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Guernsey, a souvenir sheet with six stamps, "25th Anniversary of the Battle of the Falklands".
From left: troops setting off for the Falkland Islands on the QEII; landing at San Carlos Bay; Harriers flying over SS Canberra; Lt Col H Jones charging towards his place in the British history books; the Sea King helicopters evacuating men from the burning Sir Galahad; troops silently march towards Port Stanley.

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Iceland, a single stamp with the trawler "Jon Forseti".

Bosnia Herzegovina, a set with two stamps, among the maritime topic with a raft.

Mali, a set of three stamps with the same topic. In front of a dam of a hydroelectric power station we see a ship, maybe a dredger.

Australia, a set with six stamps, dream islands. On the Rottnest Island Wa there is a lighthouse.

Venezuela, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps and one souvenir sheet with one stamp about Francisco de Miranda. Here the only one topic with a ship in the background. The printing of the stamps is unfortunately bad.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy joins the Navy (1941-1945)".
From left the highspeed boat "PT-109", beside the "PT-109 crew", then "Lieutenant Kennedy" and a "Japanese Destroyer Ship".

polar year
Russia, a souvenir sheet with three stamps, International Polar Year. On the left stamp the drifting scientific station "North Pole" and an icebreaker is depicted.

You find details at:

Jersey, a set with five stamps about flowers. Among them this topic with a trawler.

Japan, a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps, 50th anniversary Antarctic Expeditions. On three stamps we see the research vessels and icebreakers "AGB 5001-Fuji", "PL107-Matsushima" and "AGB 5002-Shirase".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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