Maritime Topics on Stamps,
January stamps 2007

Greece, a set with five stamps "Old Greeek Technologies".
Among them a stamp with the Trireme "Olympias".

Bosna i Hercegovina, a set with two stamps nature territories. On one stamp we see a raft.

Togo, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "day of the victory in Europe".
Two DUKW's are depicted, that were amphibious trucks during Worl War II. They were employed during the D-Day.

About DUKW's see Seemotive's abbreviation list.

Togo, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "60th anniversary of the victory of Japan".
From left top are depicted USS "Charles Carroll", then BB 35, this was battleship USS "Texas", beside LCT-155 (Landing Craft Tank). Left below LST-388 (Landing Ship Tank), then destroyer "Thompson" DD-627 and USS "Thomas Jefferson".
men of war

sea battle
Ukraine, a se-tenant of four stamps "history of the Ukrainian Army". Here we see only the maritime stamps.
On the left stamp there are some ships in the background, right a sea battle.

North Korea, a single stamp "60th anniversary of the Red Cross".
If you look straight on the stamp you recognize a ship left below.
red cross

men of war
Maroc, a set with two stamps "50th anniversary of the army".
There is one stamp with these three commanders with their ships.

Netherlands, a souvenir sheet with five stamps and a single stamp with the same picture "Enkhuizen". This is a town at the Ijsselsea.
On the stamps and the sheet the ships were loaded with houses and churches.

Bikini Atoll
Bikini Atoll
Marshall Island, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "Operation Crossroads, the legacy of nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll". Here the two stamps with ships. Left "evacuation of Bikinians" and right "ghost fleet", which consist of 95 warships. Among them the carrier "Saratoga" and "Independence".
On the other stamps we see navy preparations, nuclear bombs exploded and the effects of radiation poisoning to the Bikinians.

Vanuatu, a souvenir sheet with five stamps "SS President Coolidge Vanuatu Dive Site Series". In 1942 the passenger steamer "President Coolidge" struck a mine and sank off Espiritu Santo. Over 4,000 people were aboard (troops and the crew). Discipline was good and the men took to the boats in excellent order; only six men lost their lives.
The wreck is a diving paradise. Espiritu Santo is an island of the New Hebrides east of Australia.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a set with two stamps "Save the Albatross".
Beside these birds we see the top British yachtswoman Ellen McArthur with her trimaran B&Q. She sailed with this boat single hand nonstop in 72 days around the world!

St. Helena, a set with four se-tenants about famous anniversaries in 2006. Here the "200th Anniversary of the Birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel" is depicted. Left Brunel and right RMS "St. Helena" Cardiff Docks.
The other stamps show Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.

Liberia, a set with four stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Christopher Columbus Discovers the New World". On the stamps we see Columbus two times, then the "Santa Maria" and beside the "Nina". On the sheet we see a part of a wellknown landing painting.

Gibraltar, a set with four stamps and a souvenir sheet with one stamp "Christopher Columbus Discovering America". On the stamps we see from left navigation instruments, then Columbus writing his logbook, the "Santa Maria" and right outer Columbus with a native. On the sheet the fleet with the "Santa Maria", "Pinta" and "Nina".

Canada, a se-tenant of five stamps, among them this lighthouse.

Peru, a souvenir sheet with two stamps "Faros del Peru".
Left top the tower "Isla Lobos de Tierra" and right below "Isla Blanca".

Austria, another two private stamps.
Left the German battleship "Bismarck"; right the German submarine "U-1".

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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