The ATA Ships on Stamps Handbook 156 was published in 2013. It was published by the American Topical Association. It included ship stamps shown in 1999 Scott catalogue. Kathy Kirk has updated the handbook to 2017. This supplement has 228 pages as opposed to 364 pages in Handbook 156. The supplement includes updates from Scott 2017 that were not in the 1999 catalogue as well as corrections to listings of the 1999 catalog.

Cover of Supplement to ATA Handbook 156

The following listing is an example of the listings in the Supplement.

Addenda to HB156 are given in italics at the beginning of each country:

Entries in italics only are new listings.

Underlining indicates additions to previous listings.

Strikethrough indicates listings or parts thereof to be deleted.

This example from Albania shows how changes to entries in HB156 are made

1560 (1974,2.05L) Raft from frigate MEDUSA (of MEDUSA 1816) French Navy and rescue ship ARGUS (of ARGUS 1816) (in S/S) - a
1962 (1980,2.40L) Freighter TIRANA (1970) Albanian TIRANA State Shipping - a
2318 (1989,80q) Brig (17th c.) - a
2445 (1993,16L) Portion of stylized kayak - b
2477a-d (1995,25L) Ship-sloop RESOLUTION (1769) RESOLUTION British Navy (continuous design) - b [2790a-d]
C77 (1975,60q) Rowboat - c
C78 (1975,90q) Sailboat - c

Listing of new stamps from Scott Catalogue 2000-2017 follow the format of HB 156. An example from Bermuda follows:
754 (1998,30c) Sailboats - c
788 (2000,30c) Full-rigged AMERIGO VESPUCCI (1931) Italian Navy - a
789 (2000,60c) Barque EUROPA (1911) Rederij Bark Europa - a
790 (2000,80c) Topsail schooner JUAN SEBASTIAN DE ELCANO (1928) Spanish Navy - a
808 (2001,35c) Troop carrier - b
818 (2001,35c) Sailboats - a
820 (2001,85c) Sailboats - b

The Supplement will be available in several formats, the preferred format being as a pdf. PDF is preferred because of postage costs.

PDF copies are priced at $10 USD for members and $15 for non members. Pricing for hard copy versions is currently being determined.

For those who wish a printed copy, it may be best to get the PDF copy and take that to a local print shop. That would save greatly on postage, especially for non-USA countries.

The electronic version of the Supplement is fully searchable. Thus if you want to find all the tugboats listed in the Supplement, use your pdf search function. You will find 24 stamps that show either tugboat or tugboats.

It would help the officers immensely if you could indicate your interest in obtaining this Supplement. Please contact Eric Oliver with any questions or to indicate your interest.