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          Our bi-monthly publication, Watercraft Philately, has been the major source for information about ships on stamps since 1953. Each 16-page issue ordinarily contains at least one special feature, usually an in-depth story about a particular ship or set of stamps. There is always several stories about ships in general or particular ships. Often there will be stories about sigificant annversaries such as WW2, the sinking of the TITANIC, or a series of stamps about mail ships or similar vessels.


          Watercraft Philately is also the means by which members are kept appraised of new ship stamps, changes in the status of ships shown on stamps and new or additional data that comes to light about previously published information. It is the only source of updates for the Watercraft on Stamps handbook.

          General contents of each issue

     Each issue of Watercraft Philately may include these regular columns

Items of Unit Business

          Editor's Notes, a letter from the editor

          The Ditty Box, general information about the Unit and hobby that is generally of interest to all members

          View from the Bridge, comments from the Unit Officers

          Crew Changes, new member and other changes to the Roster

Regular Features

          New Issues, a listing of new ship stamps gleaned from many sources by our members

          Carriers of the World's Trade, new information and changes to previous data about merchant ships

          Defenders of the Seas and Shores, new information and changes to data about naval ships

          Service and Rescue Vessels

          Ports and Harbors

          Research Notes

          Keeping the Media and Internet Watch, information on new books, magazines and Internet happenings.

          Maritime Preservation

          Stamp Designs and Designers

          Traveling Near and Far, stories and data about passenger and cruise ships

          Sports and Leisure, news items about recreational boats, ships and yachts.

          Research Notes, tips and hints about tracing down information about that new ship stamp

Index of Ship Stamps Mentioned in Watercraft Philately

The indexes to volumes of Watercraft Philately consist mainly of a listing of named ships and other information deemed to be of reference value to the ship stamp collector. These were compiled by Dan Rodlie, editor of Watercraft Philately, with the assistantance of Gus Schlapkohl, unit member, for Volumes 21-44.

You can download the complete index of Volumes 1 through 62 (2014-2015), in Adobe pdf format

Watercraft Philately Journal